Medical Insurance

Since “Health is Wealth”, we do care highly the health of our clients.  We do arrange proper Medical Insurance Cover from the best Regional and International Insurance Companies.  We have a well qualified and experienced Medical Team to advise you on your Medical Insurance requirements.
In addition to Medical Insurance, we could also arrange to provide for excellent Medical Administrative Services for those companies that are self-insured, thereby saving the complete administrative burden.
Currently, the costs of health care is sky-rocketing and affordability of the plan is a major concern of every individual.   To reduce the risk of unexpected medical costs, there are several types of plans which would suit your requirements as well as your pocket.
Provides cover for expenses incurred due to illness.  Cover includes doctor’s/specialist’s fee, prescribed medicines, hospital charges, laboratory charges, etc.


The increasing costs of Healthcare are a source of worry for most individuals not fortunate to be covered under a corporate medical scheme. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, the financial implications can be crippling. Further as UAE moves towards making Medical Insurance compulsory (already in place for Abu Dhabi from 1/7/2006) there is an increased awareness and need for Medical Insurance Product. There are many different kinds of Healthcare products, which are sold in the market. The terms, conditions and limits vary greatly. We can assist you in assessing your exact requirements and suggesting a product suited for your needs.  Below are some of the benefits of medical insurance plan.

  • To defray the cost of medical expenses in case a person is ill.
  • All required medical tests can be done without worrying the costs.
  • Costs of prescribed medicines can be taken continuously without any interruption.