Corporate Insurance in Dubai | UAE

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  • SME Comprehensive
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • General Insurance

The SME Comprehensive Insurance Plan is specially designed to cover SMEs multiple risks and insurance requirements. This is less costly than purchasing each insurance cover individually, thus saving the time of entrepreneurs and have the peace of mind to concentrate more in growing their business instead.

Business interruption insurance is a kind of insurance that covers the loss of income when you have to close your business temporarily because of events beyond your control and a business undergoes after a tragedy.

Insurance rescues people who are rendered destitute through misfortune and pays losses, as it manages cash flow uncertainty. Insurance also promotes risk control activity. It provides incentives to implement a loss control program because of policy requirements and premium savings incentives.   

Get insured now. Protect yourself, your loved ones, your business, and everything that is valuable to you.


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