General Insurance

Commercial Vehicle & Fleet

Commercial Fleet Insurance Dubai | Fleet Insurance UAE

A single policy for all vehicles owned by the firm, used for private or commercial purposes, with customized protections. United Gulf Insurance Brokers One Person Co. LLC proposing you the correct insurance to suit your commercial needs at the best price. We provide cover for diverse vehicle fleets: cars, 4×4, pickups, vans, buses and trucks. Flexibility to add several selections and additions like Roadside Assistance, Hire Car and RTA Registration etc.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

EE Insurance Dubai | Telecom Infrastructure Insurance UAE

This is certainly specific kind of insurance based on “all risk” cover. Electronic equipment insurance covers all unexpected and accidental physical losses, which cannot be excluded by insurers. This insurance covers specific items, devices, equipment or computer and data handling devices.

Property All Risks

Property All Risks Insurance Dubai, UAE

Property insurance is a policy that provides financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a structure and its contents in the event of damage or theft.

Property All Risks Insurance covers all kind of risk including following except those which are specifically excluded from the policy schedule:

  •  Property Damages
  •  All other Contents Clause
  •  Automatic Reinstatement of Sum Insured
  •  Architects and Professional Fees clause
  •  Burglary / Theft Clause
  •  Capital Additions Clause
  •  Debris Removal Clause
  •  Electrical Clause Waiver
  •  Fire Extinguishing Expenses
  •  Impact Damage including own vehicles
  •  Including Third Party / Neighbors / Landlord Liability
  •  Payment on Account clause
  •  Properties in the Open
  •  Public Authority Clause

This Policy does not cover:

Damage to the Property Insured caused by:

    1. faulty or defective design materials or workmanship, inherent vice, latent defect, gradual deterioration, deformation or distortion or wear and tear;
    2. interruption of the water supply, gas, electricity or fuel systems or failure of the effluent disposal systems to and from the Premises;
    1. collapse or cracking of buildings;
    2. corrosion, rust, extremes or changes in temperature, dampness, dryness, wet or dry rot, fungus, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, change in colour flavour texture or finish, action of light, vermin, insects, marring or scratching.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance Policy in Dubai

Money is constantly vulnerable to accidents such as burglary, theft, stealing and other money crimes. To protect against this risk, “Money Insurance Cover” could be bought. Money means and includes cash, bank drafts, currency notes, cheque, postal orders and current postage stamps.

Money Insurance policy covers;

  •  “Money” carried by the Insured or the authorized employee, messenger cashier, accountant while in transit.
  •  Loss of money on transfer caused by robbery, break-in, theft or any other accidental reason
  •  Money that has not been spent and has been reserved in a safe is also covered after business hours.
  •  Out of the safe during working hours

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance in Dubai

Money fraud, scam, deceit and stealing in the work environment is on the rise and happening in even the best place of work. The businesses are in danger of huge financial misfortune which may happen from fraud of workers.

So, it is essential for a business to find a way for insuring these troubles which may influence the business badly. Fidelity Guarantee insurance can control and cover such adversities.

Third Party/Public Liability

Dubai Commercial General Liability | Completed Operations Insurance

Several business administrators don’t reserve the opportunity to understand public liability insurance and could meet paying excessive charges for harms if their policy turns out to be insufficient for their needs.

Public liability insurance covers you for the cost of a claim made by an individual from the public that has suffered harm or property damage because of your business, product or services provided to them.

This certifies you against the cost of remuneration to be paid out and additionally the legitimate costs caused by the claims arise.

Workmen's Compensation & Employers Liability

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Dubai, UAE

This product insures you for any employment linked liability towards your workforce. As per the UAE Federal Law No.8 of 1980 and subsequent revisions, companies are compulsory to pay benefit to their employees for any accident or injury outside and during their employment.

It’s also possible to enhance on further covers like accidental medical expenditures and life insurance benefits (death or disability due to any cause)

Group Life & Group Personal Accident

Group Life Insurance in UAE | Group Personal Accident Insurance Dubai

This insurance product is always specially customized for your requirements, be it Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), financial institutions or for big organizations

Policy is perfect for organizations to protect their employees to give coverage to accidental damage, death or disablement of the protected people. Within the time of employment, the coverage can be arranged on 24 hours basis.


  •  Permanent Total Disability
  •  Permanent Partial Disability
  •  Customized Policies can be used for covering:
    •  Additional Accidental Death Assistance
    •  Accidental Medical Expenditures
    •  Body Sending Home Expenses

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