Special Insurance in Dubai | UAE

Special Insurance can be acquired for things & matters that are distinct or unique, like professional indemnity and sportsman insurance etc. This insurance policy is designed to offer a guarantee of protection in the event of specific circumstances.

Special insurance policies are essential for activities that are not usually offered with other insurance policies:

  • Professional Indemnity for Football Player agent
  • Motor Trade or Trade Plate Insurance
  • Personal Accident for Sportsmen
  • Event Liability Insurance
  • Event Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance

Professional Indemnity for Football Player, Agents, Coaches & Professionals provide a facility that feeds an expectancy of a definite level of expertise and professional knowledge.

But, when things went out of control, the football agent may be held to accountable and responsible for any fiscal losses with legitimate actions and football agents, professional indemnity insurance is designed to lessen the effects of such activities.

Trade Plate is a short-term number plate that is used on unlicensed, unregistered vehicles. This protects motor traders the cost and time to register and tax each vehicle individually. Trade plates are required for any car belongs to a car dealer, meaning that all car owned to motor trader must hold a trade plate number, even if you are driving it in the vehicle warehouse.

This insurance is designed for people dynamically practicing sports as learners or professionals, who have joined sports or fitness clubs, centers, teams, unions and federations as well as officials involved in the organization, training and participation of sportsmen in trainings and competitions. The insurance may be taken as a group insurance or individual insurance.

Event Liability Insurance is also known as Special Event Liability Coverage or Short Term Liability Coverage. This coverage is planned to protect the Insured Event Holder against claims arising by third parties for bodily injury or property damages.

At the instant you initiate organizing your event, you start to do important commercial expenses. If that event then has to be cancelled, delayed, postponed, abandoned or relocated, those costs will practically become irreversible – while rearrangement or readjustment can cause additional expenses for event organizers and other parties involved and attached.

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